Ante Up and Step On In…Your Comrades Await

Captain Compassion

We can choose from thousands of heroes who have inspired, ignited passion, saved, delivered messages and examples of a life well-lived and contributed to the very existence and essence of this world.
We are blessed by Google searches delivering their journeys, hardships, triumphs and seemingly limitless courage to our door.
But what if we didn’t need to click, travel, research, explore across cyber-shores to discover Heroic deeds done well?

What if, those qualities, that character, lived just a little closer, in fact so close it melds with the now and here?
What if that Hero, in fact, lives within YOU? 

 There are moments when perhaps you catch a glimpse of shining heroism within your thoughts, even your gestures.  But as quickly as you pat your back, do you berate yourself for all that is left to do, the lack that stares from the mirror in contrast to all you ‘thought’ you’d be?

Maybe one day, long ago, you wore that cape.  In fact I’ll bet you had a few costumes of revered characters in that tickle trunk of childhood. But somehow you went from believing you might be, could be, to thinking that’s not real or possible or sane.  Hmm?

Dust out the cobwebs from your mind and turn back time.  Imagine yourself, masked up, knowing what justice means, what saving the boy, releasing the girl, calming the shivers of the scared animal in need, feels like.  Feel the intention, the surge of excitement, the joy of knowing the ‘good ones always win’.  Now, check in with your pulse, your heart, your emotion.  Pretty fantastic hey?!

What if we could feel this fantastic, this vital, this powerful all the time?  What if we are simply a thought away from this as a daily,
moment-to-moment way of life?

Can you still lead the life you do?  Oh yea (that is if you want to). Every Super Hero has a secret identity and a day job, so why not you?  It is just that in the waking hours outside of this regular stuff, these folks are looking for opportunities to ante up for greatness.  They all share qualities and those qualities can be found in…guess who? You!

So… why The Phone Booth Project?  While really only two Super Heroes in the traditional comic book realm actually physically ‘step into’ a phone booth and come out costumed-up and flying (unless you count Super Grover – that’s 3)… our Phone Booth is a metaphorical one.  The Phone Booth represents a ‘Defining Moment’, a moment that calls us to step in, step up, observe, dig deep, own up to the hero within, suit up and yes, ACT UP (that’s the fun part)!

So here you are…hero inside, secret identity intact lookin’ all ordinary to anyone who takes a passing glance and then, as you casually walk down that familiar street of your life, there it appears…THE PHONE BOOTH.

Could be this blog, could be a life-altering job or relationship shift, could be you just noticed your frail neighbour as he shuffles with garbage to the curb, but SOMETHING inside you shifts and you wish you could be MORE for a moment.

Guess what?  Guess what?  Guess what?  YOU ARE.  

You just need to OWN the CAPE and Take to the SKY.  And if you are to take this Mission on…agree to it, own it, live it, then there are some Super Hero Traits you possess and Trials you will inevitably face, that you and your fellow comrades will need to know about.

These Super Hero Traits, to Hone, to Own the Cape will flow and expand as The Phone Booth Project blog unfolds bi-week, bi-week. (So… you may want to ‘follow’ – easy-peasy click above – to make sure you don’t miss any opps to take the Mission with us:)

Traits like…
#1 Spidey-Sense ~ that hum, vibe, voice that whispers and bellows to warn, delight and ignite our higher senses for heroic expression & creation… (we’ll delve into the art of listening & knowing when it’s the lil devil vs lil angel spouting from your shoulder)
#2 Innate Super Powers ~ those innate traits and gifts you’ve had an inkling are there, but perhaps are stuffing into a closet until you believe, have all your ducks neatly at attention, or forgot are there.  (We’ll bust open the door and let the skeletons fall where they may to make room for what you’ve always known you could be).
#3…ahhh but I’ve gotten ahead of myself already…

FIRST… we must Define for Ourselves What that Phone Booth moment is? To Own the Cape we must understand Why we want to wear it in the first place.  I mean besides the fact that you long to see yourself suited up in swanky spandex:)

This bi-week Mission (should you choose to accept it) is…

Define your Defining Moment.
What was it, what is it, that’s moved you to now, here, and has made you want to BE and Create more in and for the world?  Think, meditate, dance or sit with this and then define IT.  If you share IT in a comment below… all the more enriching for us all to begin a conversation about what motivates us to ante up.

In the spirit of Acting Up…


About jennifermaki

Jennifer Maki is Writer, Seeker, Speaker, Pilgrim, Ingenuity Junkie, Mentor and Motivator for wildly free ones, poised influential Type A to Type C ones, innately wise wee-ones, and all the cape-donning wannabes in between. She has a background in Communications, Marketing, Inner Leadership Development and Team Dynamics for more than 15 years, spanning the British West Indies, Europe, US and Canada. "From corporate, and agency, to non-profit, I've been amazed to have had opportunity to build powerful campaigns for rockin' the socks off ideas via creative flair, practical planning and old-fashioned roll-yer-sleeves-up perseverance with teams and inventors brilliant beyond compare. But what really fuels me? My life-long study of the tenacity and depth of the human spirit; people put to the real tests who come out swinging and inspiring despite the odds; the ordinary heroes who reveal the potential for extraordinary within us all." The Result: Writings, workshops, coaching, retreats, community-building events and keynotes, delivered through her biz and passion, Project YES! Life, designed to empower people, companies and communities to question, listen, think and deliver their YES! "But most amazingly, I get to be a mom and a LifeSchooling one at that. And my two brilliant boys and I are thrilled to have recently launched our vision and movement to ignite and fuel heroism in the world via The Phone Booth Project. Check us out and gain your rightful place within the League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers at"
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