The Alchemy of Evolution

The Alchemist Tree
“Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.”
“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”
Theodore Roosevelt

There are times in life when we leap out on a limb, solid in our conviction that it will hold and we will soar onward and outward to that which calls to us.  And then, to our utter surprise and dismay the deafening crack is heard, then felt and there is only air, and tumbling and the echo of mockery and defeat.

As any Super Hero flung through the air after a typical, albeit nasty, encounter with the villain of the day, will attest to ~ it isn’t the fall that’ll kill you, but whether you stay down or pick yourself up and prepare for another battle, another day.

If we are gifted enough to have years in our life, we come to realize that what the Dread Pirate Roberts said in The Princess Bride can seem to be all too true, “Life is pain…Anyone who says differently is selling something.”  And yet, how we define all this defeat and pain business is the key, isn’t it?

Those of us not satisfied with the ordinary, the twilight; those of us who dream in technicolor and Xtraordinary, understand that scars are par for the course.  It doesn’t mean we don’t experience the depths of pain or the humiliation of the moment, but we don’t live there, we can’t live there, we mustn’t, or our very souls be lost.
We are called to something more, it is beyond us and at various crossroads where defining times are laid, we waver and we wonder, but we know we must act for the betterment of the planet. 
It simply is who we are.

And so, when the world offers us chaos, we choose peace; when we are overcome by sorrow, we hone in on the joys, regardless of how distant or faint, and we play them loud; we lock arms with our fellow XGers in hopes that we will glean from their power of perspective and we…Transform our Pain into Progress.

This is who we are ~ the Alchemists of Evolution.
We change or die.  We learn and never lie down.
And we applaud and uplift any and all who we watch reaching out for the limb and hold our breath until they are in full swing and we know another Hero has made it.

We may not be able to explain how the transformation from Ordinary to Xtraordinary takes place with specifics, but we do know a few things.

Here are your 7 Golden Gems to hold fast to in the midst of the free-fall:

  1. You are grander and more limitless than you can even imagine
  2. There is a great and powerful presence that cheers for your victory
  3. When in wonder Step In to The Phone Booth of your solace and seek the calm and wisdom within and listen for the messages that will inevitably come as you seek
  4. When in doubt, count your blessings, call your friends, tap the fellow heroes who have fallen and stood and lived to soar another day…they will applaud you until you too take to the sky again
  5. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy and precious and there is absolutely no one who can love and give in just the way you do
  6. If you feel called to uplift this world in Xtraordinary ways, simple or grand, within your home, in your community or around the globe, YOU ARE A HERO and the cape of limitless possibility is yours to wear.  Trust that you will know just when your time has come to SUIT UP, and
  7. When you are called from within and in the world, TRUST you will know just what to do…and DO THAT!

What 4 things will you do this week to wrap that cape of magnificence around your shoulders?

  1. What limb will you edge out on?
  2. Where will it lead?
  3. What if you begin?
  4. What if you do not?

We are called to DARE,
to Triumph,
to Transform Pain into Progress,
and Defeat into Divine Design.
We are Alchemists of Evolution,
and we will not be denied
our Place in the Sky.

In celebration of Xtraordinary Game-Changing YOU as you take to the sky in new ways this week!

This post is dedicated to:
~ the many heroes who consistently strive to expand their service to our planet…
~ particularly my precious husband, Todd Maki and the staff and students of Everest College Canada, as they transform tragedy to opportunity in the wake of their beloved school closing, and as they embark on the adventures that await them.  I am in awe as you continue to Suit Up and inspire a nation.
**Check these Xtraordinary Game-Changers as they are honoured on the Wall of Awe**


About jennifermaki

Jennifer Maki is Writer, Seeker, Speaker, Pilgrim, Ingenuity Junkie, Mentor and Motivator for wildly free ones, poised influential Type A to Type C ones, innately wise wee-ones, and all the cape-donning wannabes in between. She has a background in Communications, Marketing, Inner Leadership Development and Team Dynamics for more than 15 years, spanning the British West Indies, Europe, US and Canada. "From corporate, and agency, to non-profit, I've been amazed to have had opportunity to build powerful campaigns for rockin' the socks off ideas via creative flair, practical planning and old-fashioned roll-yer-sleeves-up perseverance with teams and inventors brilliant beyond compare. But what really fuels me? My life-long study of the tenacity and depth of the human spirit; people put to the real tests who come out swinging and inspiring despite the odds; the ordinary heroes who reveal the potential for extraordinary within us all." The Result: Writings, workshops, coaching, retreats, community-building events and keynotes, delivered through her biz and passion, Project YES! Life, designed to empower people, companies and communities to question, listen, think and deliver their YES! "But most amazingly, I get to be a mom and a LifeSchooling one at that. And my two brilliant boys and I are thrilled to have recently launched our vision and movement to ignite and fuel heroism in the world via The Phone Booth Project. Check us out and gain your rightful place within the League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers at"
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