Garbage Talk n’ SE Gratitude


Just 2 weeks in to living in our new digs, this a.m. we heard the rumble of the garbage truck and were awed to see it bumping along behind our house in the alleyway. It garbled to a stop and a fancy-schmancy, sleek black arm reached out the side and, as if by magic, lifted high our garbage bin and dumped its contents in with the rest of the unwanteds and unmentionables.

Now, perhaps at this point you are wondering, “Soooo what?”

Well… the boys and I were struck by pure, giddy joy.  We stared at one another and metal telepathy kicked in, our minds merged and we said, “Awesome! No more dragging the bins to the curb!!!!!!”

At our other home, we had the task of loading all our garbage into the garage, sorting recyclables, from compost, from trash and then often in a fit of forgetfulness someone would need to scramble outta bed at the wee hours on Mon morn and get it all curbside by 7:00 a.m.

These angels of trash pick it up right were we gather it day-by-day, and at the very decent hour of 10 a.m., just in case we’ve forgotten any tidbits to add to the mix.

This amazing discovery lead to us discussing how grateful in general we are for Sanitary Engineers … and OH do they deserve any grandiose title they desire … for they do what we all desperately need, but few aspire to do.  They are the backbone of our society.  Don’t believe me, just reflect and research the mayhem that ensued in Toronto during the infamous garbage strike! Ug.

We owe these particular contributors to our communities our awe and our infinite thanks, each and every day.

“Is that why you stopped the guy in the park the other day who was collecting garbage and thanked him?” our Liam of 8 asks.

“Absolutely love! Can you imagine having to do that job day after day?  And do you think many people stop him and thank him? Well in fact when I talked with him, remember he smiled shyly and thanked us in return saying few ever say that and he appreciates it.” I said.

“Yer right mom. And if we think garbage is yucky, just imaaaagine the outhouses!” Nathaniel of 7 chimes in.

Right you are my boy, right you are.

Some may call us Mad for noticing and conversing at length on the subject of garbage and gratitude, but MAD is our modus operandi and we’ve chosen it all so very consciously.

We hope you get a lil Mad with us today and raise a juice glass, cup ‘o’ joe or a vino in honour and celebration of all the sanitary engineers who wind their way through streets and into places requiring nose plugs to do what we are grateful we are not doing today. In fact, we hope the next time your garbage collectors come by or you see someone picking up the trash along the street or in the park, share your Thanks… tell them, buy em a coffee or hold the bag alongside them.

To your deliriously Grateful day! To BE a Hero in the world, we must SEE the Hero in the mirror and in the faces and souls of all those who walk this way with us in our time!

xo j

And a shout out to the awesome n’ talented Unsplash at Pixabay for superb pics like the one featured here.  I know no attribution is required, but we love to share our gratitude for contributions in the world and yours are numerous.  Thank you!  Click here peeps for access to Unsplash gems!


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