From Awfuls to Waffles – A Mission from a 7 Year Old

To be side-lined by life, is  human;
to see the grace within it all, is divine.

There are days when our vision Awful2Wafflesfor soaring in success and thrival (vs survival), be it in biz or personal flow, is hijacked by events unbeknownst to us even in our wildest imaginings.

You know the age-old adage, “Wanna make God laugh, just tell Him yer plans.”

Our family had such a year, with job loss, financial shuffling, massive concussion and reconstructing how to be and work and live, moving cross country, releasing what was to engage in possibilities, and all the while doing our darndest to keep composure and perspective while raising two brilliant and energized boys. But our story is far from unique and despite the challenges, is far from tragic, only temporary. If we could sit across from one another, sipping and sharing, you would have your own tales to tell that have sculpted and stretched, twisted and transformed you from who you were to who you are.

As we gain wisdom and years (not necessarily in that order), we come to know, practically, every cliche that ever passed lips, ad nauseam. We are stronger not broken, what we have thought about through the years is indeed the life we have manifested and we understand the clarity in hindsight. But all this logic seems to leave us, when we are blindsided by events that make our humanity somehow more apparent than our soulful knowing.

It is when we feel our world has been rocked to the core and heroics is a thing of comic strips and box offices, rather than any goal we could aspire to or achieve, that we must find ways to hold fast to Divine Truth and make it our mission to consciously seek out ways to center and heal within and reach out for support. I know, easier said than done, but do it we must.

Perhaps a Mission such as this can empower you too, to find your way through and soar higher than even you can imagine.

Mission Waffle! (should you choose to accept it)

When Challenge strikes turn Awfuls into Waffles
Our son has a heart that glitters with joy and aches with the world’s ills. He is our boy who weeps when he hears sad news and wakes in a sweat with nightmares he can hardly speak of. He is 7 in years, but ancient in soul and I learned a long time ago to pause, breathe and listen when his words of wisdom flow forth. When Nathaniel first heard about Sept 11th and encountered the concept of terrorism, his eyes grew large and filled with tears and questions poured out. When he was 4 and his Nana died, it was Nathaniel who said a prayer, “Dear God, thank you for letting my Nana finally be Free.” (She passed after years of living with lung cancer). Our Nathaniel is a boy who must find the silver lining if he is to survive in this life.

And one day as we talked of the things that cause his nightmares he said,
“Mommy, life can be sad and scary. It can be awful. But you know what? When things seem awful well, I think… Awful Rhymes with Waffles… and then everything is just, better.” 

Can everything be solved by thinking about, or even eating, waffles? Well, most things (in our humble Maki-Crew opinion) but certainly not all.

What we can do though is:
~ shift loss to lessons,
~ grumblings for gratitude,
~ focus on the light and let the darkness subside for a time,
~ and when we can’t, because sometimes we simply feel too low to reach up, we must call out to those who long to love us in the ebbs and flows of life.

When we cannot be a hero for ourselves,
we must ask another to be a hero for us.

Today, I learned a piece of news that shook me to the core. A dear friend was diagnosed with cancer and has months to live. A piece of me, the human part, feels shattered by all this will mean for those who love him and the loss for the world at his going on. Another extraordinary part of me, that timeless divine self, knows just how glorious it will be for him to fly free and loving him means letting go.

I shared the news with our boys today, and in typical soulful style…
Liam of 9 said, “Mommy, I know of a man who was diagnosed with cancer at 43 and he moved home to the place he loved and the family he missed and lived to 100. Maybe that can happen for him too.”

Nathaniel said, “Oh Mommy, this is just like the Bucket List. He will live all the dreams he ever had with his amazing wife and then he will be free.”

We could and would never have enough time with the people we love. Life will shake the foundations of our joy and make us wonder the whys and hows of it all. We may even question our sanity.

In my thinking, it is a very good thing that I believe
(perhaps you believe too) that…

Those We Love Never Truly Leave

Life can shake us, but that is when the Sparkles of Truth are scattered forth to light our way to soulful living, and

Madness for living and passing and seeing and being, is a grand and timeless thing.

In the spirit of tasting Waffles midst any Awfuls that come your way. To the Cape you wear even when you cannot see it for yourself, and the one you wrap around those who need it most.
Your fellow pilgrim of life and fellow, aspiring, XGer,


About jennifermaki

Jennifer Maki is Writer, Seeker, Speaker, Pilgrim, Ingenuity Junkie, Mentor and Motivator for wildly free ones, poised influential Type A to Type C ones, innately wise wee-ones, and all the cape-donning wannabes in between. She has a background in Communications, Marketing, Inner Leadership Development and Team Dynamics for more than 15 years, spanning the British West Indies, Europe, US and Canada. "From corporate, and agency, to non-profit, I've been amazed to have had opportunity to build powerful campaigns for rockin' the socks off ideas via creative flair, practical planning and old-fashioned roll-yer-sleeves-up perseverance with teams and inventors brilliant beyond compare. But what really fuels me? My life-long study of the tenacity and depth of the human spirit; people put to the real tests who come out swinging and inspiring despite the odds; the ordinary heroes who reveal the potential for extraordinary within us all." The Result: Writings, workshops, coaching, retreats, community-building events and keynotes, delivered through her biz and passion, Project YES! Life, designed to empower people, companies and communities to question, listen, think and deliver their YES! "But most amazingly, I get to be a mom and a LifeSchooling one at that. And my two brilliant boys and I are thrilled to have recently launched our vision and movement to ignite and fuel heroism in the world via The Phone Booth Project. Check us out and gain your rightful place within the League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers at"
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6 Responses to From Awfuls to Waffles – A Mission from a 7 Year Old

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news about your friend. Loss seems our toughest lesson in life. I think I just may adopt Nathaniel’s “awfuls rhymes with waffles” – it’s a good outlook to have.

  2. Georgina Robb says:

    LOVE IT!!! Tell Nathaniel how cool his thought is! Made me smile. Both boys really! Gini Life has been stressful here but I think of you all often. My love to all and hope everything is working out great! Must make me some waffles! Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 23:31:05 +0000 To:

    • jennifermaki says:

      Miss your lovely smile Ginni… thank you for connecting and for your wonderful note. I’m sorry to hear it has been stressful my dear… yes, may we make waffles in those moments, knowing that calm and peace are our choice in any moment and easier times will come again. That good Ole ebb and flow reality of life. Love and hugs to you from all of us. Xoxo 💜 💥 j

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