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The Heroes of Today…

A hero’s journey is not often one of ease and grace, but rather of stumbles and rude or surprising awakenings that impose a need for conjuring strength and courage, despite all odds. It is an adventure where pure passion is … Continue reading

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A Victory for Perseverance

Those who have embarked on the journey with me this last year know of the valleys stumbled through, the mountains traversed and conquered, the times when perspective tumbled out of the pack, saved only by love and a deep knowing … Continue reading

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Tapping for Peace ~ A Tribute to Paris

In the last few days, with the news of Paris, the world shifted on its axis and the hearts and minds within our family were rattled to the core and moved anew, with it. A time was, when it was … Continue reading

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Remembering our Heroes – Mission for Veterans

The sacrifices made by those who paved our way for freedom can hardly be comprehended; all we can truly do by way of honour is to remember and teach our children of all that went before to create the life … Continue reading

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11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”.

Originally posted on Filling My Map:
When I left my 7th grade math classroom for my Fulbright research assignment in Finland I thought I would come back from this experience with more inspiring, engaging, innovative lessons.  I expected to have…

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