A Call to Wander & Find YOU


I have a necklace with this quote on it. “Not all who wander are lost.” by J.R.R. Tolkein from his poem ‘All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter’.

The amount of times I get stopped at parties, events, on the street or in coffee shops, so that people can comment and discuss, is astounding. What is it about this freeing phrase that causes perfect strangers to connect and dive in to stimulating conversation?
I think it is because we all, on some level, either desire, dream of or divinely remember a time of, wandering.

What does this wandering mean? To listlessly live, embrace what is free and freeing, allow for wonder, for possibility, and release the dreary, mundane and all that depicts the ‘neat box’ of conformity.

We all long to draw from living the juice, the wow, the joy, knowing somewhere deep within us that time is fleeting and ours for such a wisp of existence.

If you feel a draw to this, if you would in fact stop me in the street or desire to, then perhaps, just perhaps, that is the Universe calling you to wander, to dive in to the unrealized hopes and decide to step to the edge of potential.

To be #XtraordinaryGameChangers we must not be complacent. The world truly needs each and every one of us to light up sky, tread new paths and consider the magic that is yet to be experienced and offered up.

I ask you, “Where in body, spirit or mind, will you venture today to explore, discover and live your greatness?”

Ask, listen and then… #SuitUp my friend.

If you would like to take to the skies with those intent of co-creating the Xtraordinary, visit us at http://www.jennifermaki.com and download your copy of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto. The Mad Hero’s Handbook to be published later this year, featuring the missions we as a family have been taking out for over 10 years and featuring game-changers from around the world and their tidbits of heroic wisdom!

About jennifermaki

Jennifer Maki is Writer, Seeker, Speaker, Pilgrim, Ingenuity Junkie, Mentor and Motivator for wildly free ones, poised influential Type A to Type C ones, innately wise wee-ones, and all the cape-donning wannabes in between. She has a background in Communications, Marketing, Inner Leadership Development and Team Dynamics for more than 15 years, spanning the British West Indies, Europe, US and Canada. "From corporate, and agency, to non-profit, I've been amazed to have had opportunity to build powerful campaigns for rockin' the socks off ideas via creative flair, practical planning and old-fashioned roll-yer-sleeves-up perseverance with teams and inventors brilliant beyond compare. But what really fuels me? My life-long study of the tenacity and depth of the human spirit; people put to the real tests who come out swinging and inspiring despite the odds; the ordinary heroes who reveal the potential for extraordinary within us all." The Result: Writings, workshops, coaching, retreats, community-building events and keynotes, delivered through her biz and passion, Project YES! Life, designed to empower people, companies and communities to question, listen, think and deliver their YES! "But most amazingly, I get to be a mom and a LifeSchooling one at that. And my two brilliant boys and I are thrilled to have recently launched our vision and movement to ignite and fuel heroism in the world via The Phone Booth Project. Check us out and gain your rightful place within the League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers at www.jennifermaki.com."
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2 Responses to A Call to Wander & Find YOU

  1. revgerry says:

    Came back to wander through WP this morning for a WU read (I have a list)…great post Jennifer! Hugz, Gerry

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