A Mission 4 Meaning

“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.”

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you.”

“Relax and dream up a Good Life.”

Just a few insights from within this Jim Carrey Gem . Do yourself a favour and take 4 to create a heroic Buzz for your day… deep breath, listen and then… LIVE this moment friends.

We are called each and every day, whether we like it or not, whether we’re ready or not, whether we’re passionate or not…

Choose wisely. Act well. Because this world needs your voice, your vision, your heroic acts simple and profound, your Xtraordinary to inspire all of us to Change the Game for better, for more. You are a living example of the Divine in Action.

Answer. #SuitUp. And live this moment with all your heart, because ultimately THIS second, and this one, and this one… are the only guarantee.

Not one of those seconds to loose. The Mad, Passionate, Heroic Game of Life is afoot.

Are you ready? YES! You ARE!  ~ In celebration of the Cape and the one inside it… that’s YOU!

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XG Insights for Soaring


What an #XtraordinaryGameChanging Day it was, honing in on Super Powers and Hero Traits with a group of limitlessly joyful and keener kidlets! Oh outta the mouths of babes, comes the wisdom of the ages and the enthusiasm to see it through. We have much to learn.

20160115_112644Here are the highlights of what was shared and gleaned. May it take your day and life to new levels of ah-ha, connection and possibility. Let us all get clear on the powers we bring to the world to initiate shift and then have the fidgety n’ feisty drive to make it happen!

Insights from the Phone Booth and the #XG Kids Inside It!

Pretending is the Key to the Bat Mobile!

  • As we grow we can forget that pretending offers us access to one of the greatest #Truths on earth…
That Each and Every Amazing Thing that has ever occurred begins with this ONE THING…


Thinking Leads to Seeing, Seeing Empowers Creation

  • All things that come to be are first thought and seen within the mind. We MUST begin here. Seems simple enough for us adults, BUT how many times do we set a goal and just ‘get busy’. We can skip the stuff that adds the element of “Already Achieved” that drives our subconscious, not to something new, but to something that IS and is just taking time arriving to us.
Visualization Builds the World of Tomorrow
  • The adults version of pretending has a fancy-schmancy name, Visualization… Pretending with a twist – using all 6 senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and good ole intuition, to make a scenario SO vivid that your subconscious cannot tell the difference between what you imagine and what is ‘real’.

Every Hero Needs a Phone Booth, a Bat Cave or a Perch on Top of the World

  • Every Hero needs a place to go to Think, Visualize, Transform, whether Superman in the phone booth, Batman in his super coolio-gadget cave or Spiderman perched on a rooftop above the city. We all need to turn our attention inward, to be still and listen for the insights, to lead anywhere worth going.
  • And so, we took the kids inward to the Phone Booth of their mind, to visualize the Powers they Possess and the colorful Get-Up they will use for soaring.
Heroism IS as Heroism Does 
  • The insights that flow when we are still are never frivolous or designed for our frustration. The seeds of possibility are planted within our hearts to expand our concept of what we are capable of. These gifts may not manifest as we first envision them, but the gems of magnificence are there, if we open ourselves up to the message between the obvious lines.
  • As the kids shared, some spoke of heroism as it has been delivered to them to date… weapons, gadgets, ice or fire-flinging abilities. As we dug deeper, the truth of heroism emerged. It isn’t about our costumes. It is about our intentions and aligning them with the traits that make heroes, just that, Heroes. Why do kids want to freeze the enemy, ward off evil with Ninja moves? To protect themselves and their families. They long to be courageous, kind, bold, to see justice done, to do what is honorable and brave when others take the easy route or run in fear.

Everyone Feels a Surge of Xtraordinary When They Don a Cape

  • So the kiddies drew their logos, their symbols to adorn their garbage-bag capes and shared their Super Power visions and desires and I, as always, am awed by what comes. Here are some of their awe-inspiring gems…
“When I put on this cape, I don’t know what happens, but I feel like … well Like I’m Powerful and Anything is Possible”

“I’m Imagination Girl! Whatever kids can imagine, I can make real. Our stuffed animals can talk and everything is alive and amazing!”

“I’m Super Bridget! If there is a child who can’t hear, I can make them hear.
If they can’t see, I give them their sight back.”

“My Super Power is that I can reach inside the mind of any villain and make them see a better way. They can see how to be good and kind and are changed.”

“I’m Transportation Man! I transport people to happiness, to a place where they remember what it’s like to be really joyful and then they make joy happen for others.”

If you are reading this today, never doubt there is a reason and perhaps, just perhaps that20160115_104953 reason is because it is time you considered your own Heroic nature, your own Super Powers… to see how they relate to what you do and can create in this world.
Find your Phone Booth, Step In – Think, Visualize, Transform how you are today, just today. Before you know it you will have joined the League of XGers and will shift the world for WoW right from where you are!

In celebration of the Cape we create and wear, these precious young ones who show us the way and our ability to embrace and use the gifts offered us to Ignite – Fuel – Matter!
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Your Majestic Build in 2016


I stood gazing up, up, up at St. Mark’s Basilica in the famous Venetian square by his name’s sake. I was dizzied by the design, the massive nature of this timeless treasure.

What moved me more was the desire and dedication represented in its two-hundred-year build (nearly 800 in its beautification), seeing to the passing-on of nearly four generations before its structure was complete. And again even more so, I was moved by the why behind the years of toiling – an unwavering vision to erect a symbol of the love they felt for the God who wooed and awed them.

This was not just designed for longevity, although clearly that was a bi-product of their workmanship, even before the age of modern-day equipment and technology to support. Every last detail of this church was to evoke a stirring, an undeniable reverence regardless of religion.
Now, I realize that, likely it was the hope of many that this dedication would ensure a pathway to heaven for those who hammered and knelt here, but I chose and choose to see the grander, spiritual and inclusive mission, and long for the romanticism of it to reign supreme.
So pessimism aside, I was brought to divine tears.

My relationship with God has always been one of BFF rather than looming fear of the Almighty, and so this was a personal quest, to see how people had felt about Her centuries ago and to sit in simple observation of all He had conjured from the heart of my ancestral brothers and sisters. And see I did indeed, not just with eyes, but with the insight weaved of spirit and a collective understanding of expansive, limitless love.

I could not help but be moved by, well, the details.
Always and throughout Europe, it is in the details.

With no regard for viewing time as pressing, and a passionate commitment to each and every task at hand, the people of Europe seem innately intent on honoring all they create, do and share with the frill that stills the heart and makes us all want to bask a little longer in the creative callings of our soul.

The frill of St. Mark’s Church is, the mosaics, the sublime array of brilliant colors and majestic hues, that contain within them the secret to all of our human hopes, and the answer to all of our prayers, if only we have eyes to see the distance and the heart to hear the message.

Our tour guide talked of why each mosaic glinted in the light so.
He told us that, not only are they derived from glorious Venetian glass, each color evolving from a unique recipe and process, but between each and every glass piece is placed a thin gold leaf. Yes, the passionate hands of hundreds, thousands, took the time to lay, gently, intently, the glass, the gold, just so, to cover the 85,000 square feet (or 1.5 American Football fields) of this Chiesa d’Oro, Church of Gold.

So what is St. Mark’s to our life journey,
particularly if you have not stood in awe before it all?

~ Oh that we would hold such reverence for love, for delighting one another, inspiring one another and demonstrating such through a commitment of time and spirit to tasks that still the world with awe and stir within others a desire to do the same.

~ These human beings knew meditation of the mind and focused attention with intention innately. These dedicated creators and followers spent hour after hour, year after year, content with a task that demonstrated the love they held for their God and their desire to be a part of something larger than themselves and beyond this world.

~ Like the dazzling mosaics of glass pieces and gold leaves, each and every one of us is purely magnificent in our own right. But together, oh together how we bring the world to tears with our beauty.

And so, how, in our time,
do we live a life of such magnificence and significance?

We connect, conjure, create, collaborate and commit.

Connect to the source, the wisdom, the hero within.

Conjure the desire, the passion, the enthusiasm necessary to …

Create a conscious mosaic of our life, weaving together what we are at our core with what the world needs for its renewal and expansion.

Collaborate with other dazzling game-changers, knowing that together we are more magnificent and our efforts exponentially impactful.

Commit to the Hero that we innately are, the Hero potential within ALL people and day-by-day, purposeful-task-by-purposeful-task, DO the work that calls to us, that the divine within us requires of us.

And one day very soon, you will wake and find you’re standing, looking up, up, up at the basilica of your life… astounded by the glitter, by the people all staring in awe, reverence, delight. And you will be moved to tears.

As you look to 2016, may you delight in how you will Connect, Conjure, Create, Collaborate and Commit. And should you want to join us on the Mad Heroic journey, download your Free ebook, The Mad Hero’s Manifesto here. We would love to have opportunity to #SuitUp with you.

In celebration of the majesty of your life,


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Heroic Holiday Tips n’ Thanks!

Holiday Wish

Recently our lil Miracle Maki Boys, of 7 & 9 hosted their first ever FUNdraiser, called “Own Your Hero” for the YWCA of Calgary and the amazing work they do with women and families in need. The response was incredible and the work they did to plan and organize rewarded by the glorious souls who not only attended, but dressed up as their personal heroes and ignited us all with their stories and their love!

Liam and Nathaniel had so much fun interviewing everyone (as did their Mom), delving into Why the person they chose was Their Hero and How They Inspired them along life’s way. WoW the answers moved us, expanded us and empowered to embrace life in even more Heroic ways.

Thank you to ALL who Stepped In, #SuitedUp and showed us what soaring is ALL about! This will indeed be a yearly event and one that will reach out to touch even more lives.

Below is a collage of the Magic, but first here are
4 Tips on how to …“Have Yourself a Super Hero Christmas…”
(I can hear you humming it from here 🙂 )
All our Heroes tapped these from time-to-time.

  1. Tech Time Check-Out & Soul Love Tap-In. Other than taking pics, make sure to consciously turn off and tune out to the outside world, while tuning in to the moments. Simply STOP and look around you. Smell the smells, taste the tastes, revel in the crackle of the fire or the cackle of Gramma’s familiar laugh. See the people around you, revel in their smiles, remember back to the magic you held in your heart around the holidays when you were a young boy or girl.
  2. Romp It Up. Find ways to get IN to the fun. Play games. Throw snowballs. Go sledding. Make snow angels. Drive the long way home to catch all the Christmas lights. Walk under the stars. Make your days less about scheduling moments or tuning out and more about tuning IN to self and those you love and making, Mad, fun memories for forever!
  3. Revel in Rest. Discover the difference between escape and rejuvenation. The former whittles the minutes away, the latter elevates seconds and makes time stand still. Turn off the TV, tune out the party (juuuust for a bit) and draw a bath, light a candle, put on your fave tunes and open your amazing new book.  Find the balance between foods that feed your appetite for YUM & those that feed your body for relaxation and health.
  4. Suit Up for those in need. We want to enjoy every second of the lovely and thoughtful gifts we receive, but we also want to remember those who will not be surrounded by loved ones or presents. Take a moment to do something kind for someone this season:
    1. Go for a walk with a few pairs of socks and mitts for those chilly strangers-come-friends
    2. Buy a hot chocolate for someone who could use a lil love
    3. Open doors, smile, hug and show those around you that indeed Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year, comes not from a store but flows from your heart and is available for all!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. May the spirit of the season live in your heart all year though.
Much Love,

The WoW of The Own Your Hero Party – FUNdraiser for the YWCA of Calgary. Thank you Thank you treasured friends and fellow Xtraordinary Game-Changers! Your Capes are Dazzling to Behold!! xoxo l n j and t

Just click on the pic and head to the Slide Show Magic of the Own Your Hero Party!!

002 slide_view (1)

Sign Up for our FREE newsletter, On a YES! Note and get your copy of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto. We would love to #SuitUp wit cha if taking to the skies is your thing too!  🙂 j

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The Heroes of Today…

WeAreAllHeroesSmlA hero’s journey is not often one of ease and grace, but rather of stumbles and rude or surprising awakenings that impose a need for conjuring strength and courage, despite all odds.

It is an adventure where pure passion is put to the test, our sanity called into question and, in this, one in which we must become comfortable with our madness. Today’s heroes may not defeat the archenemy or concoct a formula to save the world, but they are no less Xtraordinary in their efforts.

Heroes of the Now are those who:

~ see the exceptional when others see ordinary and are willing to work to form it

~ find ways to love the unlovable, while never sacrificing their self-worth or being afraid to walk away (offering forgiveness even as they leave, with clarity AND kindness)

~ seek out ways to offer of heart, in a word or deed, to those who deserve so much and to those who others deem unworthy

~ believe in their visions of mind and callings of soul and no matter the odds or the labels or rolling of nay-sayers eyes, they keep on keeping on, and they

~ find tribes of fellow Xtraordinary Game-Changers who believe in limitless magnificence too!

The melody of gratitude spurs us forth, hope connects us at the core and we step in, time and time again to that Booth of transformation to Don that Cape of Possibility… because this, THIS is how we will Shift the World for WoW… One conscious, creative, loving Mission at a time!

If you are longing to engage in a League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers, embrace the possibilities that come when we create and delight in Missions of the Me and We kind, we would love to have you step into The Phone Booth with us….

  • Follow us here on our blog
  • Connect with your copy of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto (to ignite your vision for what can be)
  • Stay connected with our FREE newsletter (comes when you get your ebook above), as we have some exciting developments coming in 2016 … a 30-day Xtraordinary Game-Changer Adventure, online program (to name just one 🙂 )
  • Pay Tribute to one of your Heroes (a person or a business making Xtraordinary contributions to your life and/or to the lives of others). We will post your insights on our Wall of Awe and send you a Certificate of Awe and Gratitude to share with them!

Just review our easy-peasy Submission Guidelines…
Email us here and give us 5 bits of info, in 100 words/400 characters or less:

  1. Your First Name
  2. Indicate Category you’re nominating for, “XG Biz” or “XG Person”
  3. Your hero’s name and their relationship to you (or title of business owner & name & nature of their business… and PLEASE provide a Photo (about 600×400) so we can give a visual and if a biz, a link to their website so we can encourage support for what they create/do!!)
  4. How has this person/ biz inspired you/the world?
  5. How have you applied or do you apply what you’ve learned in your own life? Or Anything WoW you want to add?

**Please note that your submission indicates that we are able to contact you via email to send you a Certificate of Awe & Gratitude, and with  occasional emails to fuel your XG journey (of course you can opt out at ANY time).** 

We SO look forward to your sharing your stories and recommendations with us, so that we may be uplifted, motivated to #SuitUp in new ways and support those #XtraordinaryGame-Changers in their vision and their contributions!

In honour of the Cape and the one inside it!


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A Victory for Perseverance

Vista Lrg

Those who have embarked on the journey with me this last year know of the valleys stumbled through, the mountains traversed and conquered, the times when perspective tumbled out of the pack, saved only by love and a deep knowing that lessons and miracles hide where we least expect to uncover them.

We have all been here; the place between the worlds we envision. There can be moments when we hardly pause in recognition at the reflection in the pools we pass. But we keep on, regardless of terrain or the relentless tiredness that beckons us to sleep among the lulling poppies and pull us from the course we long to tread.

And when we keep on keeping on, juuuust when we question our sanity or surrender to what may come, there IT is. The sign that victory is ours, in the moment we choose it and in the rewards of effort, in the means and the way. Sunshine filters through, the clouds scatter and clear and we find that indeed we have not forgotten how to click heals and skip with giddy joy.

Today was one of those days. When the stars aligned and the seeds of opportunity planted (even those I forgot had been sowed) burst into bloom and left me dazzled in their wake.

Because contracts are still to be signed details can’t be shared, but three, not just one but three, glorious opportunities to share vision and message and empower audiences to embrace their heroic, Xtraordinary Game-Changing, selves emerged. The Vista I envisioned appeared, the smouldering fire dancing with sparks of possibility. I am WoWed, I am filled with a deep and sighing peace, affirmed by the truth that…

When we follow our soul’s calling, set our sights on service, have the confidence to apply logic and business savvy and stand tall in our worth ~ opportunity, success and abundance flow free!

I share this with you because your Cape is my Cape, your Soaring, Crashing, Burning and Stepping In and Suiting Up time and time again are mine also. When one of us wins, we all do. And if you feel grounded, know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, know you will fly again. And if you are twisting and banking and swirling on air, then YES! YOU! When we have a hope, let us offer it to others by way our authentic stories. When we need hope, let us gather it close from those who have a little spare to share.

To Your Xtraordinary Game-Changing Adventure, wrought with mystery, desire, loss, gain, courage, and above all Love…

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Tapping for Peace ~ A Tribute to Paris

In the last few days, with the news of Paris, the world shifted on its axis and the hearts and minds within our family were rattled to the core and moved anew, with it. A time was, when it was just my husband Todd and I shaken by the mindless atrocities of violence, but now we have two boys, 7 and 9. How to navigate the waters of explanation? Is there such a way?

After a week spent exploring and honoring the stories of our Veterans, creating poppies of gratitude and delivering them first-hand to soldiers who shared IMG_6042openly of the experiences that shook and shaped them, our boys were in a place of pure consciousness with their fellow man.

News of Paris, even in the toned-down version for small boys to hear, made war a thing of the present, not of the past. Knowing their mom had lived and fallen in love with the magic of Europe, having heard stories of decadent eclairs as a reward discovered once having climbed to Eiffel Tower’s top, Paris was not something on a map, but a vision in their hearts.

Years ago, when our little Nathaniel was rocked by nightmares, hardly able to be understood as something of this lifetime and moved to tears at the sorrow of strangers, of course, we would stop at nothing to ease his sadness. One of the tools we used was Tapping. I had known of this technique for bringing greater peace to your life for years, but when I heard Nick Ortner speak at an I Can Do It Conference in Toronto, we explored it further as a potential for easing Nathaniel’s sadness. And it did indeed help, in wondrous ways. We didn’t know just how much until the other evening, after Nathaniel had heard about the attacks in Paris. We had been listening to CBC Radio and as we turned in the driveway and shut off the car, Nathaniel said, “Mommy, can we do tapping before we head to bed tonight?” And then as I was getting him settled in, he asked me again just to be sure.

We cuddled up close and began to Tap… talking of how the world can be scary and make us worry, but it’s okay, we love and 20151116_171705-COLLAGEaccept just who we are, as we are, right now. It moved to speaking about how we know our negative thoughts can’t help anyone, but our thoughts of love and compassion can. We spoke of how we will shift our thoughts from those of fear to love, for those who are in need, shift from Awfuls to Waffles. We reminded each other that we are grateful to be safe right now, with each other, in our home, and now we need to think of those who don’t feel safe, and send them strength and courage.

By the time we had moved to the top of our heads and tapped about sending compassion and love out into the world, to those who have hurt others – to find a way to peace in their hearts and through their actions – and to those injured or who lost loved ones – to find strength in a world that holds them close in their hearts… we found new courage ourselves.

Nathaniel curled up and went instantly to sleep.

The following day, we knew there was more to be done. My husband found John Lennon’s, “Imagine” song and cued it up in Med Boys sml2015 - 215our Centering room. We gathered the boys, lit candles and incense and held hands. The Imagine melody filled the room and our hearts. As we listened and put all our attention on the possibility of peace, we felt our spirits join with those across the sea, in delicate but determined hope. We thought of our brothers and sisters and held them close. And when we were moved back to home, we opened our eyes and shared the ways in which we would play our part, at bringing peace to our day, to the work we would do in the world and the Sparkle Thoughts we would continue to send our global family in Paris.

We all have our ways of enduring the agonies of the world, of rising above them somehow; these were, and are, ours. Perhaps you will find this article and be moved to Tap, to sit in stillness and hear John Lennon’s words and Imagine a world where there’s Peace, that we can all affect and bring to one another.

My hope, our hope, is yours and we join hands and hearts with you today, as we envision a new world where We All Can Live As One…  xo jenni





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