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Tap that JOY Baby

My XG Tip for today got kiboshed and replaced by an even more Mad-Awesome one … thanks to our soulful SuperHero Nathaniel. Here’s our 2 minute flick to ignite you on your journey to Xtraordinary. InJOY… j p.s. As we … Continue reading

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Transform Holiday Madness into Miracle-Making

‘Tis the season of good cheer, warm fuzzies, special prezzies and undeniable, escalating crazy. You know what I mean: holiday shopping that sadly turns sour after umpteen scowls and subtle shoves in the mayhem; the joy of finding the perfect … Continue reading

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Mission: Conscious Conversation

If I had to identify the single most significant experience I offer my children, (my relationship with my hubby too in fact), the thing I know is empowering them to: explore and know self; understand the intricacies of people, places … Continue reading

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Mission – rrRadical Release

  We all know when something’s got its hooks into us, when the limits we face are those self-imposed. And when that familiar gnawing wakes us in the wee hours, relentlessly wills us, winds us up with whisperings of truth … Continue reading

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My Hero and the Lessons of Parkinson’s

For 10 years he felt he was going a little crazy, okay maybe a lot, in moments. Let us never negate our intuition, because some 10-odd years, countless conversations with GPs, a 6-month wait for a neurologist and literally 5 minutes … Continue reading

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Lessons in Perseverance from a Precocious River

Sparked by an I AM Mindful Meditation, I’ve recently added to our repertoire… I AM the River ~ A guided meditation for Xtraordinarily Changing the World from Within ~ this quote comes. This gem will be available in our book The … Continue reading

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A Mission 4 Meaning

“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.” “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you.” “Relax and dream up a Good Life.” Just a few insights from within this Jim Carrey Gem . Do yourself … Continue reading

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