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Mission: Conscious Conversation

If I had to identify the single most significant experience I offer my children, (my relationship with my hubby too in fact), the thing I know is empowering them to: explore and know self; understand the intricacies of people, places … Continue reading

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A Glimpse In To Our Xtraordinary Game-Changing Future

This post is the first of it’s kind… I have always had vivid dreams, those that rock my world and could be taken from head to the screen with all the colours and faces and plots, required, but I’ve not … Continue reading

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Momma’s Lessons of No Regret for Our Collective Soul

We have much to learn, much to give as Mother’s of the Earth, No Regrets! Continue reading

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Step Onnnn In Xtraordinary Game-Changers…

The cape is just potential, in a tapered square of less-than-fashionable fabric, until we Own Our Innate Heroic Powers and Charge It Up With the Conviction that we can Soar! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How perfectly easy and enlightening it can feel to … Continue reading

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Embrace Your Kryptonite

“Huh?” Superman has this handy-dandy depiction of the Law of Opposites that ensues the moment that you tap your Spidey-senses, come to terms with what it is you are to contribute to the planet and have set the ambitious goals … Continue reading

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