The Heroic Hub

Books philosophy-569355_1280Let the Heroic Resources to Fuel Us on our Journey be
many, authentic, inviting, inspiring and above all,
Fabulously Fun!


One vision of this Phone Booth I hold dear, is that upprojector-422145_1280on entering you are enlivened and inspired by all the resources at your finger tips, that you no longer have to navigate the cyber waters, but rather have a place to come to find books, movies, links and heroic info so that you may dive in immediately to possibility, hope and pure JOY.

This will evolve as we explore, learn and discover, and You, YES! You, forward on your own inspired finds.  Please email me at inspired bits you discover along the way and I will add them to the Xtraordinary Game-Changinband-426829_1280g mix.  Thank you!!

The Categories for you to Explore and Add too are:

Heroic Reads
Soaring Movies
Inspired Songs
Links to Ignite the Hero Within

InJoy the Suiting Up that will come of seeing others in pursuit of dreams, conquering fears, putting nay-sayers in their place by living dreams out loud, silently giving, deeply forgiving, sweetly singing and forever swaying with the delightful music of miracles available in this world.


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