Welcome to the Booth

Welcome to The Phone Booth Project and the blog about:
Possibility. Probability. Potential. Pure Power.

Our Mission … Your Mission, (should you choose to accept it) is to:
– Shift this World 4 WoW, one conscious, simple or profound, Xtraordinary Game-Changer Super-Hero Action at a time (no worries … we’ve got some ideas 4 u to add 2 ur amazing ones),
– Embrace
those defining moments in our lives that call us to don our true, innate nature (aka Super Powers),
– Ignite a Desire in others to Don their own Cape of Magnificence, and
– Inspire the next generation to Step In to that Phone Booth of transformation, Suit Up, Fuel Up and Soar … together and consciously transform into the MORE we know we ARE…
for ourselves, our communities and for the world. 

The Phone Booth Project is all about:

*Owning Our Innate Super Powers 

*Celebrating the Heroism Within and All Around Us 

*Recognizing that Indeed Together We Can Matter in this World…but

to Inspire others we must first ACT ourselves.

Are you ready to Step In…. 

Own that Cape…

and Come Out Flyin’?!

If YES! … 

Click to Follow us on the ride (top left of post/page) & you will receive:
Feature Stories on Xtraordinary Game-Changers just like you
Links to those Owning the Cape in what they do and say
Tips on how to:
Step In  – Recognize the hero within you, See It in others and Step right In to the Phone Booth of Transformation that awaits),
Suit Up – Claim and don your Own Xtraordinary Game-Changer Cape,
Fuel Up – Tap Super Hero habits to expand bod, brains and being,
Soar – Take Action through Missions (should you choose to accept them), both Internal Missions… aka Mission Me, and Missions in the world around you… aka Mission We. (More specs on these on the …page)

As always, you may opt out at any time, because in this cyber world we still get to choose where we focus our time & energy, thankfully.

Should the mood strike you to spread the word, you may Share any Post or Link or Article, we just ask that you offer credit where credit is due (the person, organization or writer/source of the piece).  The more of us inspired to Own that Cape the better…
and I sincerely Thank you.

And finally, I am one who enjoys a good convo (preferably over a smooth Chianti, but I’ll settle for an imagined one).  As such, your personal stories, links, comments, ideas and feedback are appreciated beyond words.

Your Host for this SUIT UP moment,


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