Xtraordinary Game-Changers – The Wall of AWE!

Welcome to the Wall of Awe.Phone-Booth-EtchingsLrg

Imagine if you will…
entering the Phone Booth, where one wall
is not of glass, but etched with the names of ordinary folk who leverage life’s defining moments and, through heroic acts simple and profound, shift the world for the Xtraordinary.

True, their great reward may be a glint in the eye of those they’ve given hope, joy, courage, love, but The Phone Booth Project aims to seek them out and, at the very least, add their name and efforts to The Wall of Awe and merit them with an honorary lifetime membership within The League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers (XG League).

You, whether you realize it or not, ARE a member of the XG League and your name belongs here…whether you tend a garden, raise a child, help a neighbor, feed the poor, offer your place in line to another, show grace to a person who’s forgotten their innate worthiness for but a moment or shout possibilities from the rooftops of the world.

WeAreAllHeroesSmlThe Wall of Awe celebrates the Super Heroes, the Xtraordinary Game-Changers in our midst, the work they do and the world they passionately strive to create.  It celebrates YOU.  Check back often for regular updates to Heroic links, clips and ideas of our members.  Should you wish to nominate one who you know to be Owning the Cape in deed, please connect below and *poof* their name (or yours) will appear.

This #SuitUp In Celebration initiative has received such stellar response that we have expanded our categories to include…

In Awe of Xtraordinary Biz (those entrepreneurs, community groups, companies that ignite our desire to be more and give more!)


In Awe of Personal Heroes (the people who have touched our lives personally or fueled our heroic vision from afar, and left us forever changed.)

Click on either one of these categories and scroll for Limitless Inspiration OR if you are longing to nominate a biz or person who has ignited you along the way…
Nominate their WoW for our XG Wall of Awe!
And when they are posted we will email you a
Certificate of AWE & Gratitude for you to gift them with!

Just review our easy-peasy Submission Guidelines…

Email us here and give us 6 bits of info, in 100 words/400 characters or less:

  1. Your First Name
  2. Indicate Category you’re nominating for, “XG Biz” or “XG Person”
  3. Your hero’s name and their relationship to you (or title of business owner & name & nature of their business)
  4. How has this person/ biz inspired you/the world?
  5. PLEASE provide a Photo (about 600×400) so we can give a visual and if a biz, a link to their website so we can encourage support for what they create/do!!
  6. How have you applied or do you apply what you’ve learned in your own life? Or Anything WoW you want to add?

**Please note that your submission indicates that we are able to contact you via email to send you a Certificate of Awe & Gratitude, and with occasional emails to fuel your XG journey (of course you can opt out at ANY time).** 

We SO look forward to your sharing your stories and recommendations with us, so that we may be uplifted, motivated to #SuitUp in new ways and support those #XtraordinaryGame-Changers in their vision and their contributions!

In celebration of the cape and the one inside it…  Jennifer

7 Responses to Xtraordinary Game-Changers – The Wall of AWE!

  1. Thank you for all you do Xtraordinary Game Changer Jenn along with your boys. Many hugs to you. ❤

  2. Mike Osorio says:

    Thanks for following JAM. Love your concept to celebrate the real heroes around us!

    • jennifermaki says:

      Thanks Mike…Thrilled to Suit Up together. If you have stories of those Xtraordinary Game-Changers in our midst, please email me and I’ll send you our nomination guidelines. Jennifer@jennifermaki.com. Always looking to carve more names on the Wall of Awe and share their XG missions and feats. J ☺

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