In Awe of Personal Heroes

The  WALL  of   AWE
in celebration of

In this category we celebrate those personal heroes,
who have ignited, inspired, empowered us and made us believe
that not only are we more courageous and capable than we ever knew,
but they fuel the world around them to Be more of what is good and kind.
It is our hope that as you read of these
XG League members that your heart and mind will be enriched and their legacy of love expanded.
We get more of what we focus on, so let us celebrate and illuminate
those who have set their sights to soaring not just for themselves,
but for the evolution of our collective heroic adventure!

The following heroes came to my attention by way of an Xtraordinary Game-Changing climber-fearWoman & Creator Karen Klassen and her biz, Women Embracing Brilliance. I had the profound opportunity of presenting a Mad Hero talk at her retreat this summer in the glorious Kananaskis mountains of Alberta. The following Brilliant women shared their Hero Stories with me. We truly hope their stories and words of wisdom empower you to #SuitUp in new ways, while giving powerful tribute to those who have deLIGHTed and ignited these spirits on their journey.
Thank you Karen. Thank you Brilliant Ladies.
I am in AWE of you. j

Hero: Ellen Marshall (Mother)
Honored by: Lori Cucheron
Why she is your Hero: “As a breast cancer survivor, she taught me to be strong in the face of adversity, to be generous and always appreciate the gifts of my life.”
Wisdom to Live By: “We can survive life-threatening experiences and be stronger for having overcome them!”
Hero: Frances Halverson (Best friend)
Honored by: Bonnie Earl
Why is she your Hero: “She has overcome so many obstacles, from being a foster child to becoming a self-sufficient mom, from widow to empowered woman! She is my “IT”!”
Wisdom to Live By: “Never, never give up. Make ourselves a priority. Have fun! Be adventurous! Live by Choice!”
 Hero: Bob Germiquet (Father)
Honored by: Launa Germiquet
Why he is your Hero: “It was incredible to watch and learn through my life. He taught me to face challenges and always keep my head up. As a successful businessman and father, he lived by “Work Hard. Play Hard.”
Wisdom to Live By“Always give to those who are growing. Be a mentor and share your insights when they are needed.”
Hero: June Round (Divine Soul Sister & Kindred Friend)
Honored by: Katharina Kunz
Why she is your Hero: “Her capacity to express, exude and be love brings healing through her practice as a therapist, as a WoW-man and now through her vision to ignite “Namaste World Music Festival.”
Wisdom to Live By: “Be mad, wild and fiercely loving! Inspire those around you to live big, and have youthful energy to keep those around you young!”
Hero: Gertrude McDermott (Maternal Grandmother, passed on 15 years ago)
Honored by: Kristine MacGregor
Why she is your Hero: “”Grandma Trudy” always had a kind word and found the beauty in everything and insisted that those she loved see it. She always gave to those in need and was so calm and peaceful. Animals were drawn to her. She amazed me always.”
Wisdom to Live By: “You don’t have to be the most beautiful, the richest, or perfect… You are enough. Don’t ever be afraid.” 

These next kindred Heroes have flowed in, and will flow in, from various serendipitous avenues… and we are so very grateful for their wisdom offered and the way they live their Xtraordinary Game-Changing Lives!

Hero: Jack Henry Hilton (96 years old – RAF Typhoon Fighter Pilot during WWII)
Honored by: Susanne Heaton
Why he is your Hero: “I met Jack through a simple handshake thanking him for serving our country. Jack was willing to support our country during a time we needed it the most and it is thanks to people like Jack that I live in freedom.”
Wisdom to Live By: “Jack does not consider himself a hero. He says the real heroes are the ones who didn’t come home. To me though, Jack is a hero and he is someone I feel honored to call a friend.”

Each one of these Divine Heroes receives a small token of our thanks by way of a Certificate of Awe and Gratitude.
If you would like to honor your Hero, please connect here.
It is simple and an incredible way to share their inspiration and expand their legacy to strangers-come-friends.
We can never celebrate those who enrich this world enough!

In honor of all those Donning the Cape of Possibility,
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