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In this category we celebrate those entrepreneurs, community groups and organizations that aspire to make this world Xtraordinary,
that contribute in heartfelt, powerful ways to those they serve.
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We get more of what we focus on, so let us celebrate and illuminate
those who have set their sights to soaring not just for themselves,
but for the evolution of our collective heroic adventure!



logo-squareThese last number of months I have had the distinct pleasure of #SteppingIn and #SuitingUp with the visionaries and World-Changers of the Wellness Universe community. Founders Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse have drawn into their realm Xtraordinary Game-Changers of the health and wellness industry from around the globe. Their vision to inspire and expand peace through celebrating, supporting and empowering entrepreneurs with tools, business platforms and a positive and uplifting online community, is second-to-none. Their model is leading-edge and their delivery is shifting the world for WoW one #WUVIP (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person) connection at a time. What they offer includes and is available to us all, no matter whether your just starting out or taking bows on the global stage. Check out the crazy cost-effective-big-bang-4-your-buck Memberships today and set your sites on taking your biz, your passion, your hobby, your world to new levels of Xtraordinary. Click to explore your WU-hoooooo future at


12342351_10153135514186761_3027884289387886115_n[1]This last month I was AWEd once again by the dynamic XGer Karen Klassen of Women Embracing Brilliance and the woman who spontaneously #SuitedUp with her, Carla Campbell for the #FillAPurse campaign that w20151211_193623_resizedent viral in Calgary, Alberta. Women across the city filled purses for other brilliant women in need with the things that would help to make their holiday season a little easier and empower them by knowing that they are thought of with love. Our two boys, ages 7 and 9 joined in to contribute and added some Hero Notes of Love. This experience added beautifully to our conversations and efforts to address what is truly important during the holiday season, and throughout the year. It even sparked an idea from Liam and Nathaniel that next Back-to-School season, as one of our Mission We projects, we’ll focus on filling Backpacks 4 Heroic Kids in need. Thank you Karen and Carla for inspiring so many to be the Hero for others they long to be and giving them a way and a means to Don that Cape of Possibility. To find out more about Karen’s Brilliant programs and initiatives, visit


adam_keynote_header[1]From an idea that began as a superior customer service incentive for staff of a tavern in Nova Scotia, to taking Canada and beyond by #CaringCounts storm…Adam Purcell is a cheerleader for all things Kind. He has rallied the masses to create a Social Movement on and offline and shares his message that every act of compassion and love changes the world. Indeed CaringCounts! To find out more about his movement and his desire to speak, and share his vision to uplift you, check out


Catherine B. Roy, Creator of Live from Your Heart and Mind, is an Xtraordinary GameAbout-Catherine-Changer on a mission to make this world a more loving and inspired place to live and learn. From deep sadness and a diagnosis of 1 year to live, Catherine made a conscious choice not just to survive, but thrive and shift this world for WoW in her wake. Awarded Top 30 under 30 Leaders in the World, having designed proven formulas for happiness and love that tap and expand our EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and IQ (Intelligence), she is a brilliant soul who enriches all whom bask in her light of possibility. Beyond all this, at every turn she features fellow heroes who are making a difference in this world, and this, this is what brings her limitless success. Check it all out right here! Or to tap her story first-hand…Watch her interview with #spreadthekindness guru Steffi Black (our XGer featured below).


DrWELLTthDr. Wellth (aka Stephen Hobbs) is a man on a mission to inspire connection and co-creation and offers the tools and tidbits of practical wisdom necessary in our ability to leave a legacy in biz and in life. Indeed he ignites you on the adventure of Living YOUR Great Life (just one of his amazing books). He is the reason Project Yes! Life, my passion and biz, leaped into the world in the way it did. He is a force for divine good, delivered through acts of subtle, albeit powerful kindness and gentle, yet direct support. In his humility and simmering zest for life, with that perfect balance of professionalism that wows crowds, to the mischievous smile that lets you know it’s gonna be a fun ride, he is friend, confidant and limitless leader. We are thrilled to honor him and the work he does in the world and welcome him ‘officially’ as a lifetime member of the League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers. You can learn more about our Hero Dr. Stephen Hobbs at his website ~

His latest connection and collaboration is with another addition for our Wall of Awe…


Kelly Falardeau, a woman who truly exemplifies A Hero who rises out of d422c8_8c16e769af984befacc0ad3189e94c97.jpg_srz_p_196_220_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzdepths of challenge and inspires others in her wake. Undoubtedly, she lives up to her mission… “I help people take the “T” out of Can’t and overcome adversity.”

Kelly’s story is one of power and grace and good ole spit-fire tenacity. I am grateful to Dr. Steve Hobbs (featured above) for bringing her story and cause to the forefront.

Kelly was burned when she was two years old and throughout her life has had to endure countless reconstructive surgeries, bullying, rejection and feeling she was unloved. And yet, as we know, this is how heroes can be born. She found a light in it all and decided to dedicate her life to inspiring others.

As Steve shared just a few days ago on facebook,
“…She is a speaker, 4X bestselling author, medal recipient, Woman of Distinction and most recently an artist.
She took one of her paintings and had it created into a blanket that says “You are loved, you are needed, you are wanted.”
And now her mission is to find sponsors so that she can give away 1000 blankets to the burn kids at burn camps around the world. And this is where we come in. She needs our help in accomplishing her mission to spread more love in this world.

Please join Kelly by sponsoring a blanket or two or 10 so she can help these burn kids to feel loved, needed and wanted.”

Here is Kelly’s Video on Blankets of Love for Burned Kids at Burn Camp ~ do yourself a favor and be uplifted by this amazing story and please contribute what you can to a little one in need of your love being wrapped around them, today!

If you want to leap right in and donate, visit Kelly’s sponsorship site here…–2#/story” target=”_blank”>


lsSteffi’s dharma is to help empower women to transform and young people at a crossroads. In her work as a Life/Career Coach, she works with individuals to chart a clear path with renewed confidence and clarity as she firmly believes individuals have the strength within themselves to make transformative life and career transitions.SteffiBlack Logo
Through her #spreadthekindness message, she creates kindness workshops for schools, including a monthly curriculum plan and presentations for companies on Why Kindness Matters Today: How planning to incorporate kindness in the workplace creates powerful, positive change. She aims to #spreadthekindness across schools and workplaces in Canada and abroad.  To check out her positive message or to book her for a speaking engagement, go to Also, she has been interviewing some Xtraordinary Game-Changers of late on How to Be Better Humans and How to Live From Your Heart & Mind with our very own XGer, Catherine B. Roy (featured above)!


c443ec_7e4a3b1ea01b47809cd66c037a6b4021.jpg_srz_p_140_141_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Laura Simonson is wellness and innovation incarnate.  With 25 years experience in plant-based nutrition, natural health, professional fitness training, marketing, sales, communications, education, branding and speaking on all things to take life and biz to new levels of authentic success, she is taking the world by the tail once again! c443ec_8265301b2359497a9bf7ce1c6b83db4d.png_srz_p_206_95_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Laura and her leading-edge Indogo Team, are inviting the world to be a part of a Plant-Powered Revolution. Launched April 20th, you can join world leaders in health and wellness, as they take on 20 Dogs – 1 Mission, to Prove Plant-Based Diets for Dogs.  The time has come to show for our furry friends, what we know for humans, that plant-based diets have the potential to enhance the lives of our loyal, 4-legged peeps. Check out how you can connect with pAwesome perks and gifts and contribute, in big and small ways to an evolution for our planet and idea whose time has come.


susanne3Susanne Heaton, or Sunshine Faery Sus as she is known to those with eyes to see and ears to hear the magic, is enlightening the world through her vision, heart and passionBestBookABCFFaward_sm for all things Nature and Love. After removing her 11-year cloak of powerhouse biz in the corporate world, she donned her cape-of-possibility, leapt for the dream and grasped it full.  She is now owner of Motivated By Nature, award-winning author, speaker and mentor for those looking to live their visions, and contribute to the health and vitality of the planet.  She is also a dynamic FUNdraiser.  You can find out more about how Susanne may inspire you or your team, contribute her powerful insights to your next event, join her on a FUNdraising adventure or click here to purchase her amazing book The ABC Field Guide to Faeries.  *You’ll be glad you clicked your heels and made that wish!*


PrintInspiring the world, one breath and one click at a time, Joanne Lougheed and Ian McIntosh of Flourish JoanneVitality Centre, are indeed on a mission to empower people and communities to pursue their passions and Flourish.  Their yoga and photography studio is an oasis to visit or rent for your next event.  But this dynamic couple is even so much more than this, they run the BarrIan McIntosh cropie Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and the Barrie Social Club and through their biz and works, support the essential services of the Barrie Food Bank and the Dress for Success initiative. Please support their dynamic vision by checking their site and the sites of those who do such wonderful work in this world and see how you too can get involved.


f35d5a_2d364f00f3294f8ea1c95850cdfed6a3.jpg_srz_p_248_235_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Deb Trochim, drum designer, creator, player & owner of Sol Song f35d5a_a9c500990c4843719f6cfe5c055a5fcf.jpg_srz_p_431_320_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Drum Co. is Xrtraordinarily Shifting the World for awareness, healing and love, one drum beat at a time.  Her project 52 in 1, is her personal and collective contribution to the planet, as she divinely creates 1 drum each week for a year.  These treasures are then gifted to various souls and, as Deb puts it, are designed to “shake up their world”.  Visit Deb’s site to see the creations and stay tuned for her blog on how this inspired journey is powerfully shaping (and shaking) her life and the lives of others.


Playful1-173x300A liberator of truth, speaker, author, philanthropist, a soul destined to A-Quiet-Strong-Voice-Cover-FB-205x300create and inspire all who will open wide to embrace the divine within themselves ~ she is raw, real, realizing day-by-day the serene within her and around her and sharing the adventure with us all ~ Lee Howbachewski of Simplee Serene will delight and deliver you to the depths and heights of your most magnificent self.


Karen-best-photoDivine mind conversationalist, relationship empowerment coach, FF-Book-Cover-3dauthor, speaker and purveyor of all things that inspire living in the frequency of jubilant joy, limitless love and abundant living, Karen Klassen is a brilliant woman and Xtraordinary Game-Changer for our time.  Karen’s personal journey from darkness into light, and her open and heart-centered approach to business & relationships is shifting the world for WoW. Explore her site at for a lift to your life.


Krysta Olson, owner at Staminize Training, is a testament to the miracles that happen when you create them for yourself.  Krysta’s first personal training and coaching program launched her from a wheelchair to a career devoted to empowering clients to reach for and achieve even more than they ever dreamed possible. Read her full story on The Phone Booth Project’s post.


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If you haven’t already, and it speaks to you, please click here to receive your free copy of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto. We would love to share the inspired adventure with you!

If you haven’t already, and it speaks to you, please click here to receive your free copy of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto. We would love to share the inspired adventure with you!