Wisdom Etchings

“I’ve seen that phenomenally successful people believe they can learn something from everybody. I call them ‘mavericks with mentors.’ Richard Branson, for instance, is a total maverick but he surrounds himself with incredibly successful, smart people and he listens to them.”
Brendon Burchard

affirmations-441457_640 - John HainWe become Xtraordinary Game-Changers, heroes for the here and now, to the extent that we believe we are, fueled by the wisdom gifted us.  On this wall of the Phone Booth, are the etchings, the stories, the tidbits of magic that have made us.

I knew I had the grand fortune to know some Xtraordinary Game-Changers –  that the depth and breadth of their divine, powerful, thoughtful and leading-edge essence, could be nothing short of awe-inspiring for the lot of us – but nothing, nothing prepared me for the gems that flowed in to begin filling this wall.

Now I am quite certain I am surrounded by greatness, of spirit, of heart, of mind.  I pray you take up the chalk, if you haven’t already, and scrawl my friend, scrawl a note to me, so that you too may ignite the hope of many with your defining moments and in doing so, honor the Heroes who lit your way.

Wisdom Etchings

Award-winning Author, Advocate for Nature, Friend of Faeries and Mentor for all things Uplifting for the Planet ~ Susanne Heaton of www.motivatedbynature.com

~ My father’s advice to me after he was given only three months left to live:
“Get yourself out of that corporate job and go and focus on writing your book.”
His advice forever changed the course of my destiny and I am so grateful.

~ Words from my friend’s four year-old boy who had just spilled pop all over the back seat of his dad’s new car.  His father said, “Son, we all make mistakes, we just need to learn from them.”  There was silence for about five minutes, and then his son said, …
“Dad, I’ve been thinking and I realize that the only mistake there is, is not making one.”


Leading-Edge Educator, Business Guru, Musician and Steady Rock and Gracious Guide for his wife and two adoring boys, Todd Maki…

~ The most powerful advice I have received, and I didn’t appreciate it at the time, was from my father.  He told me that you can learn something from everyone.  It opened me up to listening to everyone. I have since had amazing conversations with cab drivers, and wall flowers and all sorts of interesting people (that the cool kids pass by on a regular basis).  This one piece of advice has changed my life.


World Traveler, Adventure Seeker, Soul Brother and Advocate for all things mind-heart-&-spirit-Expanding, Steve Arsenault is a man who embraces each second and is determined to the live this life in all its YES!.  Actually, I had opportunity to attend public school with this awesome guy and, although we lost our connect for about 20 years, when reunited, I was not surprised that we had been living much mirrored lives.  His advice delves to the core of what is and what can be for usaround the corner.

~ I am one of those firm believers that I am in the exact spot that I am, in the exact moment because I am meant to be there. Sometimes I question it because it doesn’t make sense but in those moments I hope I remember to ask what the lesson it I was mean to learn. Life is so full of opportunities to better yourself, better others, add value, accept value, be there for a family, friends or stranger or have someone there for you… and when you are lead by your heart then you can’t go wrong. One thing I have always told myself is “don’t forget to look around the corner”. Sometimes it feels as though it would be easier to quit but that is exactly when everything opens up to you…when you push through. The corner, to me, is the spot when some, including myself, may be fearful about what lies ahead in the unseen. I love to look around the corner.


Holistic-Living Leader and Soulful Friend to All, Joan Beckingham, as sharing her inspired messages from Author and Guide, Pat Kammer.  You can connect with her at Pat’s Patter.

~ I have an awesome adviser and mentor and she always has many uplifting messages from Spirit, that inspire me on my my journey and make me pause to consider life anew.

“Who would you be without your story?”

“Everything in life respects the Laws of the Universe and as such everything works in a circle.  What you put out will go full circle and return to you.  Your thoughts work according to this law and so what you THINK becomes your reality.  Change your thoughts and you change your life.”


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