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From Awfuls to Waffles – A Mission from a 7 Year Old

To be side-lined by life, is  human; to see the grace within it all, is divine. There are days when our vision for soaring in success and thrival (vs survival), be it in biz or personal flow, is hijacked by … Continue reading

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The Xtraordinary Phone Booth Reboot

We are in the process of an Xtraordinary Game-Changer revival … a Phone Booth Reboot of sorts.  After the last few years exploring first-hand the Mission Work it takes to ignite change in the world, beginning first by Stepping In … Continue reading

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Ante Up and Step On In…Your Comrades Await

We can choose from thousands of heroes who have inspired, ignited passion, saved, delivered messages and examples of a life well-lived and contributed to the very existence and essence of this world. We are blessed by Google searches delivering their … Continue reading

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